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"In my culture, a master is someone who uses their craft to teach others about life. I consider Julie Blue to be a true master, in the real sense of the word according to my African tradition."

— Jacky Yenga

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Julie Blue?

Why would you consider working with me, joining a song circle or retreat, or having me at your upcoming event or training? There’s something special that brings us together and is a key part of our evolution and personal growth. It's this: 

  • You want to free your voice and express yourself with confidence and authenticity whether you’re singing or speaking. No matter who is in the room.
  • You want to be part of creating a dynamic community with connections that lead to supportive and authentic relationships. 
  • You want to bring more heart based community and joy into your life, your gathering, or your organization.

This is the core of my work and mission, and the reason why I started this business. My commitment is to shine a light of connection to heal our darkest shadows by Bringing Light Through Music. 

I’ve heard music in my head since I was a young child. At age fifteen, my epiphany was that I’m here to share love, and music is my language.  Music has taken me all around the world and has brought me the realization that no matter what language we speak, we can all understand music as the language of the heart and spirit.

I have a special gift of channeling the right music for the moment. I’ve been fortunate to do that as a film composer, a recording artist, a performer all around the world, and as a facilitator who inspires other people to express their voices and creativity. I’m excited to share my musical world with you through my recordings of soulful songs, healing chants and beautiful instrumental music. I’m honoured to invite you to explore the world of your own voice.

And while I love to sing and play the piano and keyboards, I get the happiest when people are singing with me! We sing for healing, authenticity and to create joy in my weekly women’s songs circles. Each month and for special celebrations men and women gather with me and sing to release any blocks and to express freedom with their voices. This promotes deep listening, unity and harmony.

Singing is a profound way of releasing stress, letting go of old beliefs about ourselves and our voices and filling up confidence and energy.

I love to bring in the magic of music to your event and business to create the mind/heart coherence that leads to connection with self and other. Something amazing happens when people join together to sing,

When people sing, we relax, open up our hearts, and share love. 

I hope you will join me in song, discovering the magic of your unique and beautiful voice.


Creativity is...

the way in, and the way through

Music was the light for me because I had a place to go inside myself. I created the songs and chants that healed me. When my heart was broken by a loss I wrote Let It All Go, and when I was feeling an unbearable loneliness I wrote I Am the Love. I started to practice with traditional chants In Sanskrit through learning the Medicine Buddha Healing Mantra, and I discovered the rich teachings and deep lineage of sound as a healing tool.

On one of my tours to perform at a festival in Haida Gwaii I was asked by a Haida leader if they could adopt me into their clan because they felt my Spirit so strongly through my music. They gave me the name ‘Otter Woman - one who swims between the worlds.’ 

There is so much energy seen and unseen and when we are tuned in we have access to a deep inner knowing.

I've become a channel through which the healing energy flows so brightly and abundantly, all I want is to share this gift with others. I’m passionate about guiding others to go beyond their limitations, re-discover the divine beauty of their voice, and stand powerfully anchored into who they really are.

It’s an important time to return to our age old ritual of singing together to create healing for ourselves and our earth. It’s time to bring soulful practices that build community, wellness, and emotional intelligence into our work. It’s a key time for women to have the support and training to unleash our voices and rise up into positions of leadership.

I’m here to support you on your journey.

Many blessings,


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