Staying on Your Note: a lesson in self-love

I’ve been thinking about how singing harmony has so much to teach us. Though I’ve been singing harmony for years and am a harmony queen, this lesson is one I’m still learning. To be able to sing harmony with others you have to stay on your note.

No matter if you’re singing the lower note, the middle note, the highest note – other people are going to be singing around you and you have to stay on your note. In music, if you’re not grounded, present and fully aware of what you’re singing, it’s all too easy to get pulled off into the notes being sung around you. In life it’s just as easy to get pulled off what you’re focusing on into the needs and demands of others.

How can we use the teaching of harmony to help us in our lives? People get upset. Sometimes they get triggered and they can get angry, mean or unpredictable. In the past I always used to take that on. I had the belief that it was my job to fix it somehow and that if they were angry at me it was at some level MY fault and MY problem. Even beyond being able to connect in a loving way, I felt responsible for every time the ‘song of interrelating’ went out of tune. It felt very easy to be pulled out of my state into the state of someone around me, simply becoming angry if someone around me was angry.

Lately I’ve been thinking … I just have to stay on my note. If my note is a note of unconditional love and acceptance I can stay there. As people go through their own journeys I don’t have to get pulled off my note. Just like when I’m singing, someone else is singing an interval above or below me and I’m not pulled off my note.

As I allow other people the space to go through whatever they need to go through, I just need to remember what my frequency, my vibration, my mind-set is and stay on that note. Seems simple doesn’t it? Not so much when you have a lifetime of habits that kick in every time someone is upset. But this time … let me explore what could happen when I stay on my note of peace and kindness.

The person who has been furious with me reaches out after a month of chilly silence. They told me they were angry because they didn’t let me know what they needed. Even though I asked numerous times. They were furious because it is their pattern to relate that way. To find a reason to not get what they want and walk away mad.

What a relief to stay on my note and not let them steal my sleep or my peace of mind. I’m a human not a mind reader. When and if you tell me what you want and need I will respond with listening and kindness and give what I can and what is right for me. This is my new note.

Like music, anything profound and beautiful is worth practicing. So as you practice hearing and staying on your musical note, think about the vibration of who you are and practice staying on your note of self love and truth..

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