Vocal Freedom Day
for Men & Women

Bringing light through music

Empower Your Voice

Sing & speak with

confidence & freedom

Welcome to the day you let go of your inner critic and meet your fearless authentic voice!  Are you ready to take a brave step into singing solo and want a safe environment and expert coaching? What a life-transforming experience it is to give yourself the freedom to sing! The good news is that wherever you are in your singing ability right now, you can improve – and you can do so dramatically! By honouring your inner voice and working with guided techniques in a supportive environment, you can experience breakthroughs with your physical voice in miracle time. 

“A day spent at Julie Blue’s workshop is better than 10 years in therapy. Julie provides a safe and sacred environment for each singer to explore their music and their life. Because of attending a few of Julie’s workshops I now get up and sing in public and even enjoy it.” 

— Sharon Thompson

In this one-day singing adventure

you will:

  • Learn a wonderful new song and have the opportunity to perform it.
  • Anchor in Julie’s ‘Authentic Voice Activation’ to allow you to shift the messages of your ‘inner voice’.
  • Identify the 3 parts of your range and grow your ability to flow between them.
  • Find the sweet spot of your range and how to pick a key to sing in.
  • Experience singing different styles of music and discover your singing persona with professional accompaniment.
  • Explore the terms pitch, phrasing, vibrato, resonance and dynamics.
  • Gain confidence singing into a microphone and expressing who you ARE in the world.
  • Step into the world of vocal improvisation and find your freedom to play.
  • Be part of a healing and joy filled day designed for optimum growth, fun, and transformation

— Julie Blue

In the eyes

of others

"I definitely feel freer, stronger and more confident as a singer. This intensive day with a small group made a big difference for me in feeling comfortable and stepping into more confidence. Also, being able to practice the songs several times with being coached in between was very helpful. Watching others be on their journey was so inspirational and it felt like the group of us were on this ‘train’ together to greater freedom, strength and confidence in our voices."

— Karin Steichele


In the eyes

of others

"The individual coaching we received was priceless and beyond worth it. It helped me to shed many layers of shyness, step out of my shell and grow stronger and more confident as a singer. You get so much more out of the all day workshop then you can in just a couple hours! It's life changing!"

— Chantal Gauvin

Claim your vocal freedom​

You deserve it!

Next Vocal Freedom Day: Sunday, October 18th, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Location: Bridge & Enrich, 718 East 20th Ave, Vancouver, BC Small group maximum of 15

Cost: $185 plus GST



What people are saying about Vocal Freedom Day

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Lana Ringrose

Before attending vocal freedom day my experience with singing used to be overwhelming shyness and being very quiet. Now my experience is more confident and louder and I’m actually loving singing out loud!"

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 16.33.30

Greg Van Wijk

“I’ve done this twice now, and both times I had a major release. The support, both from Julie and the group was inspiring, reaffirming, and helped give me the courage to let my full voice be heard. I’m thrilled to do it again.”

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Raman Holat

Julie’s Vocal Freedom Day was truly blissful! Not having had any experience singing, I was able to connect to my powerful voice and relearn the gifts that I came here to share. Such a wonderful experience filled with support, compassion and joy."