Bringing light through music

Empower Your Voice

When women come together to sing, something magical happens.

Welcome to Radiant Heart Song Circle, an extraordinary place for women to connect and open hearts through the power of voice.

Join us to free your voice and lift your spirit through chants, songs, rituals, and community.

All are welcome at the upcoming Song Circles. We will keep fresh air circulating and make sure each member is healthy before coming to sing. Check out the online Song Circle if you prefer to keep your distance.

Come join our radiant community

and receive ‘Making Singing Easy’ mini course

‘Make Singing Easy’ mini course

Grab Julie’s mini course

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Can you feel the song inside you,

a vibration of soul and sound that is uniquely yours?

This program...

is for you if you:

Long to experience the kind of freedom and release you feel when you watch other singers lose themselves in song.

Love music, possibly even play, and want a musical outlet that feels right.

Have a desire to make more real connections and do something positive and uplifting for yourself.

Play a leadership role as a coach, counselor, healer, teacher, or speaker 

Are ready to take your place in a sacred circle of support, share your authentic voice and shine your light.

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In the eyes

of others

"This program changed my relationship to how I connect with others, especially women. It changed the thoughts I had towards myself, as affirmation songs are an important part of the curriculum. I learned how my thoughts, and the way I physically hold my body, affects the way my voice sounds. The song circle with Julie not only helped me to be a better singer, it had helped me in being more assertive and confident with the way I carry myself throughout the world. "

— Antonina Ananda


Authentic voice...

is not just about singing, it’s about showing up as who you really are and speaking your truth.

Benefits of practicing Julie’s Authentic Voice Activation:

  • Cultivate your mind/body/spirit connection so that you can express yourself even in difficult conversations without your throat tightening.
Bring out your richest most resonant voice so people can not only hear you but FEEL you. Release negative beliefs and limitations so you no longer stay silent when your intuition is telling you a truth that needs to be shared. Feel grounded and inspired so you can share your song, story, gifts and wisdom with the people who need to hear it. Be part of a community where you feel brave enough to share your strength and safe enough to reveal your vulnerability.

In the eyes

of others

"I came to the Radiant Heart Song Circle to learn how to better use my voice, but what I learned most was how to use my authenticity. The warmth and inclusion of the group made me feel comfortable enough to explore and expose parts of myself I would often keep hidden away.  With the weekly consistency and the opportunity to check in and share, I was able to drop many layers very quickly. Julie is a master of music but also of intuition, and her instinctive nudging guided me to experiment in different ways within my own body and surprised me as to how effective her techniques are."

— Vanessa Panton 

Vanessa Panton

When we join our hearts together

and raise our voices with intention we make a difference in the world.

The Radiant Hearts sing at the Lights of Liberty event in support of reuniting families and keeping children out of cages.

Singing at the fundraiser for Mothers in Uganda to go to Business School.

It's time...

to awaken your beautiful, powerful voice and let yourself be heard.

In the course you get:

  • 8 weeks of in-person Song Circles with Julie Blue
  • Vocal coaching and practices
  • Training to hear and sing harmony so that you can harmonize with your friends.
  • Digital downloads of all the songs and chants we sing and breakouts of the harmony parts.
  • Audio Blueprint hypnosis track ‘Love & Accept Your Voice’.
  • Weekly circle sharing on different themes for growth and connection
  • Opportunities to sing solo, develop songwriting skills, and attend retreats
  • A place to nourish, express, and restore yourself in sisterhood

Open Houses

Come and try the first week for free and experience the magic for yourself!

No matter if you’re a seasoned singer or someone just beginning who doesn’t quite believe you can sing, all levels are welcome. Together we will create a safe and sacred space to use our voices to raise joy, connection and confidence. 
We have two in-person Song Circles to choose from one at the beautiful Bridge and Enrich sacred space in Vancouver and the other in a beautiful home with a grand piano in North Vancouver.
Bridge & Enrich, 718 East 20th Ave., Vancouver BC, Canada


Two Song Circles to choose from:

8 Week Spring Song Circle in North Vancouver: Tuesdays, September 3rd - October 22nd, 2024

Come to a FREE open house on Tuesday, September 3rd @ 1pm – 3:30pm and give yourself permission to sing!

Sign up for the Radiant Heart Song Circle:

New Member Pricing: $397 + GST for new members for the 8 week series, music downloads & vocal warm ups.

Returning Member Pricing: $347 + GST

8 Week Vancouver Spring Song Circle at Bridge & Enrich: Thursdays, September 5th - October 24th, 2024

Come to a FREE open house on Thursday, September 5th @ 7pm – 9:30pm and give yourself permission to sing!

Sign up for the Radiant Heart Song Circle:

New Member Pricing: $397 + GST for new members for the 8 week series, music downloads & vocal warm ups.

Returning Member Pricing: $347 + GST

8 Week Song Circle Online: Wednesday, September 4th - October 23rd, 2024

Come to a FREE open house and give yourself permission to sing!

Sign up for the Online Radiant Heart Song Circle:

Raise your voice and spirit for 8 soulful singing sessions online!

Pricing: $377 + GST

If you have any issues registering, please email help@julieblue.com

Special Offer

Empower Your Voice for Song Circle participants


*Special price of $197

when included with your purchase of Radiant Heart circles.

8 week online course - Empower Your Voice value $397

Check it out here >

I did Julie's circle and the online course at the same time and it was life-changing. It was amazing to have all the tools to practice at home, hypnosis tracks, artwork and Julie on video in my living room. It added a huge dimension to be able to practice at home. Now I can sing and speak freely!"

— Chantal Gauvin


  • Receive 8 modules of  'private lessons' with me online, complementing and anchoring in all the work we do in circle, you keep the course forever 

  • The 3 Audio Blueprint hypnosis tracks radically transform your inner voice to one of self-love and self-acceptance

  • The online course provides specific exercises that when repeated make singing easy, helping you sing naturally and consistently

  • You are supported to post videos of you singing in the private Empower Your Voice community group, allowing you to get more comfortable on camera and raise your confidence 

* Request your special Song Circle Code for your special price.


Hear from members of Radiant Heart Song Circle

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 21.36.18

Lindsay Hindle,

I’ve discovered that singing is a powerful way to boost happy hormones and have found a safe, supportive place to meet kind-hearted people. I keep coming back because it feeds my soul!”


Charly Deakin

I no longer fear my voice and more importantly have shifted my limitations around what I’m capable of. Radiant Heart Song Circle is a safe place to reconnect with my musical self and redefine my beliefs about my abilities.” 

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Melanie Ruffie

“This is a great healing process to learn to connect with other women, find your voice, be heard, feel safe and change the insecurities so they don’t get passed down from mothers to daughters. I’m working towards my inner feminine freedom and being able to use my voice really brings forward who I AM.”


Mary Edwards

Before working with Julie Blue I never heard my own voice. Julie uses her gifts of divine wisdom and musical mastery to know what is needed to help each of us find our sound and develop our voice. Her songs and chants have transformed me."


Mona Leung

I not only WANTED but NEEDED to empower my voice, knowing that my life purpose would depend on me being able to speak my truth. Since training with Julie Blue I now feel comfortable in front of a camera, being up in front of an audience, and singing my song out loud. She gave me real tools that I use and go back to whenever self doubt arises. I’m grounded, I’m projecting my voice. For someone who wants to show up as who you authentically are, Julie has the formula.”

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 21.36.27

Hila Russ, Artist & Teacher

Since beginning to sing with Julie, I have grown so much with my ability to express myself, use my voice and share my gifts. Julie brings a unique ability to create community and facilitate inner growth. Each meeting was an experience of deepening my inner being by immersing in music, sound vibrations, breath, and movement. Radiant Heart Song Circles empowers the Divine Feminine energy." 


Nadine Spitteler

I’ve been trying to find my own voice and speak my truth for a long time. Julie and this empowering circle of women brings me joy and has changed my mind and emotional state in a short time. I love the music tracks and put them on at home, at work and on the bus. They make it easy to sing along and bring myself into a high frequency.”

Celeste Renée

Celeste Renée

Julie, I feel like I’ve been waiting for you my whole life! I had always had a burning desire to let my voice out, and you have helped me find comfort and acceptance in myself. Since attending your circle/workshops I can feel myself opening more and more, and its so freeing. So, thank you!”