Forgive or Ho’Oponopono


‘Forgive’ or ‘Ho’Oponopono’, a mental cleansing from the Hawaiian tradition that helps us to let go of judgment, anger, and false thoughts towards others and ourselves.

Track Length: 21:23

To Call In:
Truth, compassion, release, forgiveness

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2 reviews for Forgive or Ho’Oponopono

  1. Sharla

    This is by far the best version I have found. Thank you Julie!!

  2. Melanie

    Until a few days ago when I participated in Julie’s summer singing retreat, I had never sung the Ho’Oponopono even though I knew of it. The few versions I had briefly heard, even though beautiful, did not resonate with me. This version is it for me. Julie’s voice singing the Ho’Oponopono is so gentle, pure, and touching and the musical arrangements of this track so beautiful. Her unique voice is what makes this track so effective. It will touch your heart! If you are ready for a very special Ho’Oponopono, I highly encourage you to buy this track, lay down, and sing along with Julie.


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