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Phenomenal Sisterhood

There is a phenomenon that happens when women join forces and become a sisterhood. They quit competing and comparing themselves with each other. Instead they begin to celebrate each others unique gifts and see themselves as one-of-a-kind works of art in progress. They stop being afraid of one another or needing to be the center of attention all the time. Rather, they are curious about each others stories and genuinely interested to exchange their knowledge. Some women grew up with blood sisters who were less than kind to them. Others experienced betrayed by women friends. Only when we as women bring forward a willingness to transform any old stories can we find the deeper connection with ourselves and each other that we are longing for.

The power of sisterhood shows up and is a mighty force when women feel secure enough in themselves to become allies and show up in our authentic strengths and vulnerabilities. We don’t have to agree with each other all the time. Even when there is a fundamental difference of opinion we can still accept each other.

When women come together to connect and raise each other up we are an unstoppable force.


Art by Cheryl Braganza


I lead a song circle where women from 18-82 come and sing together. I get to witness first hand what happens in the circle of safety where each woman knows she won’t be judged for her shaky voice as she begins to sing or her tears when she speaks of her deepest passions or losses. She won’t be left behind if she forgets the words or has no wisdom to add in the moment of sharing. She will be accepted and embraced for who she is. She will be supported for where she in on her journey. There is so much wisdom in a circle of women when we share stories, knowledge and songs.

In that moment of feeling a sense of belonging and knowing that she is safe to be herself, she blossoms.



Women’s circles are an age old gathering to share wisdom, knowledge and support. We are the bringers of life and have always known that our very survival depends on having strong community and allies to help with children, food, and all the challenges life has to offer.

If you’re a woman and feeling isolate or disconnect in your life, find or start a women’s circle. Reach out and don’t stop looking until you find your Phenomenal Sisterhood. You’ll know you’ve found it because after you gather a few times you’ll crave the connection and sense of belong. You’ll feel at home and find acceptance on your best and worst days. From my perspective singing and ritual is a great gathering point because it’s filled with life, music and fun. Find a women’s circle in your area where you can connect in a genuine way with other women, preferable of different ages to do something you love to do.

Why be part of a women’s group? Women’s groups improve confidence and self-esteem. Self-esteem is a challenging component for so many women. Even though studies show that women in general have sharper problem-solving and multi-tasking capabilities, the high occurrence of poor self-esteem in women keeps many women from reaching their potential at every level from asking for the dollar amount they are worth to seeking out advancement. Phenomenal Sisterhood transmutes whatever has held you back and helps your find your rhythm and sing your song with confidence.
Women more readily share and celebrate small victories in both personal and professional areas in female-only environments. In a world where there are too few supportive bosses, and where fathers, husbands, and children often don’t understand how much women need their support, small victories shared in an intimate gathering of sisters are the spark that ignites hope in their hearts. The little victories are the chances to celebrate everyone’s success!



Women who have close women friends live longer and have happier lives. Women who have allies are able to make a great contribution and to build their confidence and their networks. Even women who appear to be fulfilled and successful from the outside need a place to be genuine, vulnerable and authentic and have the power to bring the life giving feminine essence to their lives.

I love to see a woman’s eyes light up in the presence of phenomenal sisterhood. She trusts herself enough to BE herself. With arms to catch her if she falls she rises into her power to live her best life.


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