Love and Accept Your Voice

Use this powerful hypnosis audio blueprint to reprogram inner negative
messages into positive inner confidence.

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Hi, I’m Julie Blue and I’m a Transformational Voice Coach. I want to share this FREE hypnosis audio blueprint that I created just for you.

Are you willing to let singing and speaking be easy and enjoyable? Listen to this powerful track for 21 days and discover a new love and acceptance for your voice.

Your inner voice is as important as your outer voice. Take a sonic journey to release and reprogram any old beliefs or internalized messages that no longer serve you. This powerful hypnosis audio blueprint will fill you with feelings of love and acceptance for your voice and change the inner message to a positive one.

Love and Accept Your Voice
Hypnosis MP3

About Julie Blue

Julie Blue is an accomplished singer and pianist, and an award-winning film composer/recording artist. She has toured the world performing and has shared the stage with luminaries such as Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, and Neale Donald Walsh. Julie has pioneered innovative and effective methods to help thousands of women and heart centered men to liberate their voices and express themselves with song. Blue has heard music in her head since she was a child, which combined with a life-long study of music, spiritual growth, and how to navigate life as an empath, has made her into a musical soul whisperer who shares her teachings and music with heart and humor.

Love and Accept Your Voice
Hypnosis MP3


“What I have learned working with Julie in the Empower Your Voice online program has transferred to the rest of my life in ways I never expected. I thought I was just going to take a course and learn how to sing, but have learned so much more. I’ve realigned to a new powerful knowing that -I’VE GOT A VOICE AND I’M NO LONGER AFRAID TO BE HEARD!! I’m pleased when I hear my voice. I feel safe sharing my dreams. I catch myself speaking my truth without constriction or fear. I’ve reclaimed my voice and I’m taking it out into the world to tell my story and share my gifts. All these transformations because I have finally learned to love and accept my voice through Julie’s wisdom and gifts in this online program.”
Alli Brumwell
“The empowering mantras that Julie has created have helped me take the feeling of being drained by helping people at my non-profit social service job and replaced them with compassionate, energizing energy that leaves my clients refreshed and renewed. It has been miraculous and a huge blessing for me and my family. I am forever indebted to have freed my voice to sing and be present and just want to keep learning and practicing.”
Celia Aruda

Love and Accept Your Voice
Hypnosis MP3