Empower Your Voice

The confidence to make your sound is in your body.

It’s in the grounded present moment that
you can return to in an instant by learning
these simple techniques.

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About Julie Blue

Julie Blue is an accomplished singer and pianist, and an award-winning film composer/recording artist. She has toured the world performing and has shared the stage with luminaries such as Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, and Neale Donald Walsh. Julie has pioneered innovative and effective methods to help thousands of women and heart centered men to liberate their voices and express themselves with song. Blue has heard music in her head since she was a child, which combined with a life-long study of music, spiritual growth, and how to navigate life as an empath, has made her into a musical soul whisperer who shares her teachings and music with heart and humor.


“Julie brings a grounded technical voice coaching knowledge and a lot of fun to our events. I’ve seen her coach participants from being anxious and shy to a full confident presence. Through changing the voice the full expression changes.”
Justin Livingston, Leader to Luminary Trainings.
“Julie’s authentic voice technique is about much more than singing. It helps connect you to your authentic self, and for me, that applies to all aspects of my life. Having videos to practice was extremely helpful and allowed me to touch the joy that I haven’t experienced.”
Susan Bazili