Wisdom Teachings of the Owl

Visualize yourself putting on an imaginary owl cloak. The feathers are light, strong and permeable letting in only those energies that are beneficial and keeping out the rest. As you put it on you feel very safe and filled with inner peace. This owl cloak has many uses. You can put it on when you’re extra sensitive, when you’re confronted by something unexpected, and when you’re having a hard time keeping your own boundaries strong. You can even imagine a hood, so nothing gets into your ears that’s not loving. 

In effect you’re creating a powerful wisdom filter that keeps out anything that’s not of highest benefit to you from permeating your core.

It’s challenging for many women to keep clear boundaries. For myself and many others who have been working on this, sometimes it’s still difficult with people who are close to you like family and close friends, especially children. So many women have asked me, how do I separate my own pain from the pain of my child? This has no easy answer except to bring yourself back to your own body and breath. This is where singing and chanting come in. The ‘magic’ of a vocal practice is when you’re fully in the sound, you’re fully in present time. Right here. Right now. Choosing what you would fill yourself up with.


You can also connect to owl energy when you want to access the highest sounds you can sing so you can open up all of your range. When we sound our voices like an owl – hoooo hoooo – and leave lots of space in the jaw, we can make our highest sounds easily. As women, this is our head voice. There is no forcing or trying, just space and connection to belly breath. The owl wisdom lies in the effortlessness of letting the high sound be pure and easy without any fear. Here is one of the artworks from my online course ’Empower Your Voice’.  Find out More.

We’ve talked a lot about owl cloaks in the song circle. As the idea has caught on, I’ve imagined what these cloaks might look like. When I saw this Mayan dancer in the Yucatan, Mexico, I loved his owl medicine cloak! What do you think, do you want one? I do.