Medicine Buddha - Art card


Chanting this mantra promotes healing. Enhance medicines by chanting the mantra prior to taking them. Through the practice of meditation on the Medicine Buddha, one can generate enormous healing power for self and for the healing of others.

Track Length: 9:36

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To Call In:
Wholeness, restoration, protection, transformation

Lakshimi Mantra - Art card


Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance and good fortune. This mantra can be used whenever we feel we need a dose of good fortune and luck, whether material or spiritual. It is said to have the ability to bring good fortune and open up unexpected possibilities.

Track Length: 14:11

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To Call In:
Health, beauty, abundance, miracles

Green Tara Mantra - Art card


When we chant the Green Tara mantra, we are not simply asking for Tara’s blessings and help with our lives, we are also asking to be liberated from all mental delusions and negative emotions that blind us to true freedom, and to achieve the same enlightened body, speech and mind that Tara represents, not only for our own benefit, but for the benefit of all sentient beings.
Track Length: 9:32

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To Call In:
Freedom, clarity, equanimity, peace

Loss and Love - Art card

Loss and Love

‘Loss and Love’ takes us into grief to mourn the loss of a loved one. It is appropriate to use for funerals or celebration of life events as well as provide a beautiful space of comfort to mourn.

Track Length: 6:09

To Call In:
Release, forgiveness, compassion, understanding

Serenity Prayer - Art card

Serenity Prayer

‘Serenity Prayer’ helps us connect at a deeper soul level to our intuitive wisdom, ability to find acceptance and trust our inner guidance.

Track Length: 9:02

To Call In:
Trust, acceptance, ease, grace

Way of the Heart - Art card

Way of the Heart

‘Way of the Heart’ is designed to move you into a place of deep acceptance of what is and support you to experience the connection with your heart and mind.

Track Length: 10:00

To Call In:
Trust, acceptance, ease, grace