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Empower Your Voice

Customized Creative Voice Training

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Do you run a retreat center and want to bring in a musical program that both frees individual voices and builds soulful community?

Are you ready to liberate your voice and want to put a group together to bring Julie to your community for a weekend retreat? Are you a facilitator who wants to collaborate and bring in the energy of embodied self expression through voicework and music? Do you want to bring meaning, purpose and fun through music to your next gathering?

"I loved singing with Julie so much that I put a group together to bring her to Calgary. The workshop sold out there was so much interest in her unique methods. I now have some new friends to sing with and look forward to the next retreat."


— Caroline Gowan

Vocal Freedom Retreat 2
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Liberate your voice

— sing and express with confidence and freedom.

I love to go on adventures and would be delighted to share the love of music and voice with your community. I also love to collaborate and bring music and voice to all kinds of personal growth retreats and events. I’m committed to providing innovative methods to enhance healing and growth. These are songs, chants and teachings that people will learn and can take away with them to further practice at home. There are a wealth of topics to be covered in the quest to discover and free your voice. I will support you to:

  • Let your voice out to sing so you feel confident, free, and in the flow
  • Learn chants from many traditions that uplift your spirit and connect you to ancient knowledge and traditions
  • Release the stress and fear of being seen and heard
  • Experience the flow of creativity through songwriting and improvisation so you can access it in your daily life
  • Create relationships with people that lead to deepening authentic connection


What people are saying about Julie


Minke de Vos,
co-founder of Tao Tantric Arts

Julie Blue moved our group of women with embodied singing that could move mountains and rivers! It was empowerment week in our Sacred Femininity teacher training in Thailand and her workshop was pivotal in inspiring women to open their facilitator’s creative voice. Each woman sang her own mantra, sometimes with a supportive sister at her side. We are so grateful for her tremendous gifts, which encourage the Divine Feminine emergence in our world."


Harv Ekker,
Peak Potential CEO

My company, Peak Potential has hired Julie for 10 years for all of our Warrior Camps. She turns 300-400 people into a singing community within 2 hours. In her teaching segment she inspires people to find their most confident voice and write short songs that they then  got up and sang. Warm and professional, she does a great job getting everyone going!"

rebecca chung

Rebecca Chung,
Tony Robbins coach

My time with Julie was one of the most touching magical experiences of my life.  Julie came to my 50th birthday celebration and taught my friends and I how to sing, while having a ton of fun.  At one point, she asked my friends to share what they loved about me. Julie has this uncanny ability to tap into a person’s true essence and convert it into song.  She composed a song for me from what my friends said, right on the spot! The entire experience with Julie was so fun and impactful, it left me in tears. She created a beautiful magical memory that filled my heart, and which I will cherish for the rest of my life."


Trish Eccles

This will be the 4th time that I am bringing Julie to Whitehorse, Yukon to lead her weekend retreat ‘Vocal Freedom’. All 35 participants keep asking for her to come back. People who didn’t know they could sing are belting out the tunes. People who didn’t know each other are now fast friends. Julie keeps us laughing and singing all weekend and we just want more!"

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Elizabeth Inkster,
festival organizer

I met Julie when she was performing at the ‘Edge of the World” festival here on Haida Gwaii. Her performance and workshop during the festival attracted many people who all had so much fun that I brought her back 3 more times. The singing and the music was fantastic but what was really remarkable was the way she drew in the Haida First Nations community, people from North Beach and those living in our towns to all be part of the same song and rhythm."


Rick Evans,
festival organizer

Julie broke the record for the most singers onstage at our festival in Atlin. They took a ‘Vocal Freedom’ workshop with her and learned the parts to some of her songs. Julie is a great singer with an amazing gift of including everyone in the music."

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Liberate your voice

— sing and express with confidence and freedom

I'm happy to collaborate with you in advance to create a program tailored to your vision. Simply schedule a call here with me and let's see how we can make your event unforgettable yet powerfully transformative! I look forward to speaking with you!

— Many blessings, Julie