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"On one level, Julie is an inspirational and richly talented singer, songwriter and performer with the skills to share these gifts. On another level Julie is a coach and counselor with the innate ability to know when to nurture and support and when to challenge. Deeper still, Julie is a healer who helps liberate her students from creative blockages so they can express their true essence. With Julie Blue singing, songwriting and performing become tools for transformation."


— David Mandara

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Julie Blue is

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singer and pianist, an award-winning film composer/recording artist and a uniquely transformational voice coach. She has touched thousands of people through her 8 CDs, keynote concerts and Vocal Freedom leadership and team building trainings. Blue has also artistically directed many shows and concerts over the span of her career, as well as performing at major fundraising and conference events.

Julie has worked with thousands of people, helping them to free their voices and discover their unique sound and confidence. She founded ‘Singspiration’ in 1987 and directed a 80 voice pop/gospel choir as well as offering Songwriting and Sound Healing Courses. She has worked with companies such as Build A Better Tomorrow, Leader to Luminary, and Peak Potential, leading vocal empowerment sessions for between 20 and 400 people. Julie is dedicated to creating harmonious communities and has offered Vocal Freedom training across North America.

Julie founded ‘Radiant Heart Song Circle’ in 2016, following her mission to help women to liberate their voices, build supportive community and stand in their authentic confidence. Now she is dedicated to sharing the tools she has created with women globally through her online interactive course ‘Empower Your Voice’.

Julie believes


music is the international language of the heart.  She is an inspirational singer and pianist whose performances have taken her all over the world. In 2019 she joined world renowned African Storyteller and Singer Gcina Mshlophe in South Africa to tour and perform. She has played and toured with many groups in concerts, festivals and international events from the Platters to Mark Hasslebach’s jazz fusion project. She has opened for luminaries such as Marianne Williamson, Ekkart Tolle and Neal Donald Walsh, and shared the stage with performers like David Foster and Jan Arden.

She has a degree in jazz studies from Capilano University and taught film composing at the Arts Institute. She runs a studio from her North Vancouver home and has composed music for over 40 films, television shows and movies of the week. She received a LEO award for her work on the award winning documentary ‘Stolen Lives’, and an AMPIA nomination for her composing work on ‘Close to the Heart’.  She also received a YWCA Woman of Distinction Award for Connecting Communities.

She has released 8th albums both vocal and instrumental

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In recent years her passion to create music for healing, chanting and inner peace has inspired her to arrange and compose beautiful chants.

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"Julie Blue is a true gem of a human being. She leads and gathers those who seek guidance on how to best express their voice with ease and grace. She is a natural born teacher and leader, and joyfully gathers groups to feel welcome, inspired and happy. I'm grateful Julie has crossed my path and has showed me the power of sharing voice and song as a means to bridge communities for the well-being of all."


— Dr. Alexina Mehta