Quotes from members
of the choir:

Julie is not just a choir director. She is a mentor, friend and inspiration to us all. Her music makes us want to shine our own light and together we can. Doris Young

I love coming to this choir it's like coming home, letting your hair down, and being at ease to explore how great we really are. Sue

I used to believe that I couldn't sing. Effortlessly and joyfully I found out otherwise. The choir is a weekly vibrational lift that was critically important during one of the most challenging time of my life. Daniel Sam

Julie Blue is a amazing teacher, artist& human being. The Singspiration Singers deeply touches everyone who joins and everyone who listens. The power of Gospel under Julie Blue is everything we imagine it can be and more. Kathrin Lake

I see Julie pulling people out of their shells, into their bellies, and finally belting out heartfelt songs. Dawn Lybarger

Singing with the Singspiration Singers for me is like a shower in cool water I emerge feeling restored, joyful and convinced that the music makes me stronger and more vulnerable all at the same time.Melanie

Singspiration Online Photo Album

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"One Of A Kind Woman "
Gala Spring Concert 2008 Photos

Photo Credit: 
Gord Leverin

Editing: Danielle Turner and Greg Dixon

"One Spirit"
Spring Concert

One Spirit Concert photos are by Dale Ziegler


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