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Melt My Heart

Strength to Fall

Eyes of the Goddess

Heaven is inside


Wing and a Prayer CD

"The real star here is Blue's effective vocal prowess. Having spent most of her adult life teaching others how to find their voice, Blue has inadvertantly found hers in creating a treasure which encompasses both her talents and spiritual beliefs. The whole CD has a catchy sing along connectedness to it and a special poignancy that's bound to make you feel a little more comfortable in your skin."

...John Beaudin
Shared Vision Magazine

Banyan Books Review

Julie Blue is a Diva, choir director, composer and musical force bringing joy to many.

This new album 'Wing & a Prayer' features Julie on vocals with a tasty backing of guitar, bass, sax, trumpet, and drums. Songs like "Strength to Fall", "Melt My Heart", "River of Life", and "Thank You" beautifully convey Julies gospel soul and great big tender heart. Liner notes include the words to all her songs, which offer us strength and encouragement to live our lives as fully as we can.



Wing and a Prayer Song List

1. Send Me an Angel
2. Strength to Fall
3. Melt My Heart
4. Innocence
5. Eyes of the Goddess
6. Heaven is Inside
7. One Spirit
8. Out of our Hands
9. Serenity Prayer
10. River of Life
11. Thank You
12. Wing and a Prayer




Wing and a Prayer, Julies first singer-songwriter release after four albums of solo piano, soars with beautiful melodies and inspired lyrics.

...Lorne Mallin,
The Vancouver Province

'Wing and a Prayer' expresses my desire to send out an uplifting message of inspiration. I write songs to keep me connected to this force of inspiration and find great joy when I can share it with others. I believe that sound is a powerful means of transformation and that singing connects us directly to our souls. The songs on this CD mark an incredible time of growth in my life and are passageways through loss, grief and sadness into gratitude, acceptance and hope.

Many of these songs have been sung and brought to life by my friends in the Singspiration Singers, a 50 voice gospel choir that I direct. The language of music is a universal one and has brought riches untold in the form of friends, community, love and support into my life. When I am singing my songs and other people join in, I feel the songs themselves have found their purpose. So if the spirit moves you, sing along.

Julie Blue

Celebrate life's magnificent mystery with soulful songstress Julie Blue's newest CD  'One of a Kind Woman'. This Jazzy / World Beat CD was released on June 8th, 2007 at a gala concert and party at the Centennial Theatre, North Vancouver and was followed by a second sold out show at the East Cultural Center the following evening.

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