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CBC - Trails End, Yellowknife
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Finding Grace in Everything

Believe In Yourself

One of a Kind Woman

This CD is currently being distributed by PHD Canada Distributing LTD

Celebrity Quotes:

"I am so  moved by Julie's songs and lyrics, by her ability to inspire others, and by her creative energy!"

Neale Donald Walsch

- Author CWG book   series
- Founder, Humanity's   Team
- Founder, World   Oneness Tour


"I really enjoyed Julie's new CD.  It was music that I needed to hear. We all go through transitions in our lives when we need to be inspired by others. Julie's songs are uplifting and thought provoking.  The production is excellent and the musical arrangements support the lyrics."

Charlotte Diamond
-1986 winner,
Juno Award ,
Best Children's Album

-1987, 1989, 2003
Juno nominee,
Best Children's Album


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One of a Kind Woman CD Cover

Julie Blue's 'One Of A Kind Woman' CD
is Now Available!

Media Reviews

Whisperin & Hollerin
© 2002 - 2008

-  Genre: 'Soul' -  Release Date: '2007'

author: Adam Harrington

Our Rating:


There aren't many people these days who could pull off material this radiant and heartbreaking. Blue breaks the heart with the aching prettiness of her singing; it's almost too lovely for this world.

Norah Jones may get all the Grammys yet I find myself being more attracted to Blue's voice, which is rich with texture and laced with palpable emotion. The meltingly gorgeous soulfulness of "Something Guiding Us On" truly moves and elevates our inner core.

One is left playing this record repeatedly for the positive vibrations it emits every time it plays. READ THE REVIEW

Chill Out Island
Crooner Julie Blue is soulful, passionate on new CD

January 9, 2008 at 4:42 am · Filed under Easy Listening , Jazz and tagged: blues , Jazz , sade

Reviewed by Carson James

Just as its title promises, Julie Blue is, indeed, a One of a Kind Woman on this beautifully crafted and sweetly-scented album. With a voice as sultry as Sade's and as dreamy as Dido's, Blue unites the world of jazz, blues, pop, and soul with tasteful and deliciously inviting compositions.

This is a CD that continuously surprises and delights as it goes along. To say that I'm merely in love with it is an understatement. READ THE REVIEW

"One Of A Kind Woman"

Julie, Pepe, Darren and Daryl

Featuring Joseph 'Pepe' Danza drums/percussion, Daryl Jahnke guitar, Darren Paris, bass and the 60 voice Singspiration Singers.

Julie with Band

The sound is Jazz layered with the feeling of Gospel, accented with the pulse of World Beat rhythms.

Julie and Pepe

Julie's music melds blues and gospel in a way that is deeply spiritual and foot-stompingly exciting…while the amazing Pepe's drumming “prayers” leave audiences shouting for more.

Click Here for Live Performance info.

One Of A Kind Woman
Song List

1. Finding Grace In Everything

2. Believe In Yourself

3. Love Looks Like Now

4. Way of the Mystery

5. Please Come Home

6. Something Guiding Us On

7. Bluer Than Blue

8. Things Worth Living For

9. Leaves

10. If the Eyes Had No Tears

11. Words of Gratitude

12. Deeper Love

13. Well Of Love

14. One of a Kind Woman

sSingspiration Singers

The Singspiration Singers

D and M Music's
Jazz Fest 2008
compilation CD

now available!

More than 1 hour of pure Jazz featuring Julie Blue's smash hit "Well of Love"

Jazz Fest 2008 celebrates wonderful new songs from artists on two continents. Today's best new Jazz musicians with fresh, exciting music join together on this album.

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