"Julie Blue, what a performer! 

She took our quiet little gospel hour on Sunday morning and galvanized it into Prime Time.

Julie has the amazing gift of drawing in both audience and other performers and making them a part of her joy in music.  It's impossible not to be captured by her songs, her spirit and beautiful voice.  Truly a major highlight of our

Keith Alexander
Artistic Director
Edge of the World Music Festiva

“Julie Blue’s music melds blues and gospel in a way that is simultaneously deeply spiritual and foot-stompingly exciting…while the amazing Pepe’s drumming “prayers” leave audiences literally shouting for more.”


May 29 , 2010
Singspiration Spring Concert, Mount Seymour United Church, North Vancouver BC

Join Julie Blue and the Singspiration Singers
for their Spring Gala Concert, an evening of uplifting music, audience participation world beat rhythms featuring Pepe Danza and his drum troupe the “upBeats”. Doors 7:30 for 8:00.

July 10-12, 2009
Atlin Arts and Music Festival, Atlin BC

Julie will perform for over 2000 people at this Festival which offers a full weekend of Music, Art, Comedy, Artists Exhibition, Storytelling, Film, a Arts & Crafts Fair, Slide Shows, Music & Art Workshops, Free Camping, Children's Activities.

August 8-10, 2008
Edge of the World Festival, Queen Charlotte Islands

People from around the world will gather again in the archipelago known as the Queen Charlotte Islands / Haida Gwaii for The Edge of the World Music Festival 2007. We promise the opportunity to hear and discover some of the finest musicians on the planet in one of the most magical locales imaginable. Julie and the Trio will anchor the Gospel performance.

July 14 and Aug 11, 2008
Peak Potential Camps
(with Harv Eker)

This is Julie’s fifth year as a Presenter at Peak Potential’s “Enlightened Warrior Camps”. Peak Potentials Training, one of the largest seminar companies in the world, helps people move closer to their goal of true financial freedom. Harv’s book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind went to #1 on the New York Times list.


Live Performance Details:

Solo Performance:

Julie BlueJulie typically performs solo on Grand Piano and Voice at more intimate venues up to 500 people where the emphasis in on building community and inspiring the listeners. She weaves heartfelt stories and songs together in a performance specifically created for the group that she is addressing.

Julie is a very effective key note speaker/performer at Corporate Events who's aim is to bring people together in one spirit, building connection and respect for one another. She is also extremely successful as a performer for Fundraising Events who's purpose it is to open the hearts of those attending. Julie often adds "Empower Your Voice" or "Circle Of Song" Workshops to these events.

Julie Blue Quartet:

For larger events such as Corporate Conferences, Festivals, Performing Centre Concerts and other audiences of 500 to 1500 people, Julie typically performs with her musicians called the Julie Blue Quartet.

Julie Blue Quartet

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Julie Blue   www.julieblue.com/

The Julie Blue Trio is lead by Julie on Grand Piano and Voice. Almost all the songs performed by the Trio are also composed by Julie. She is a prolific songwriter with hundreds of original songs in her repertoire which are specifically chosen according to the group she is addressing.

She is a world class pianist, studying piano from the age of five and performing professionally from the age of seventeen. She is also a Master Vocal Coach. Her voice "soars with beautiful melodies and inspired lyrics" (Lorne Mallin, Vancouver Province) Julie's performances have taken her to Africa, Mexico, Spain, the Caribbean, Japan and Australia.


Joseph Pepe Danza  

'Pepe' Danza is an electrifying percussionist and multi- instrumentalist (he plays over 40 instruments) originally from Montevideo. He has received many awards including Westcoast Music Award's “Musician of the Year” and nomination for the prestigious Juno Award.

Pepe lived in Japan for 3 years studying Shakuhachi Flute, two years in India and Sri Lanka for Indian music, Brazil for studies in Afro-Brazilian, Samba and Bossa Nova music, and shorter periods in Indonesia (studying Gamelan), Korea and the Philippines .

Pepe has performed with the Vancouver Symphony and Chamber Choir. He performed at a concert in honor of the Dalai Lama with Raffi and Ann Mortiffee; and HM was in attendance. In his extensive touring he has shared the stage with Ani DiFranco , Oscar Lopez and David Lindley .

Pepe is Artistic Director for the Vancouver Sacred Music Festival and performs at the Seattle World Rhythm Festival. He represented Canada in the 1999 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur while performing with the group ASZA.


Daryl Jahnke

Daryl has been playing jazz and Latin music professionally since 1982. He began his own creative jazz project in 1987 which led to the recording of the critically acclaimed CD "In Other Words".

He travels as a performer have taken him to New York, Cuba, Tokyo and across Canada where he has worked with highly respected musicians, including members of Cuba’s premier Latin jazz band "Irakere", Tokyo/New York trumpeter Terumasa Hino and bassist Paul Jackson of Herbie Hancock’s "Headhunters’" fame.

On the local scene, he has been a featured performer in the Vancouver International Jazz Festival since 1986.

Laurence Mollerup

On both Double Bass and Electric Bass, Laurence is a mainstay of the West Coast music scene.

He is active in many fields including classical, jazz, Latin and world music. He performs with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Victoria Symphony, and Vancouver Opera Orchestra.

Julie Blue

Julie Blue


Pepe and Julie

Daryl Jahnke

Darren and Daryl

Darren Parris







Julie Blue Collective:

For large-scale Gala Events, the Quartet expands to become the Julie Blue Collective. Other well known, high caliber musicians are added to the mix according to the event. Pepe's drumming troupe The Upbeats, a brass section featuring trumpet and sax or a string ensemble will be added as required. Traditionally trained dancers or ecstatic / tribal dancers are often included for visual impact.

Julie Blue's choir, the 60 voice Singspiration Singers is often added for stunning back-up vocals for large westcoast events or events with an extensive travel budget.

Singspiration Singers


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