Julie participated in the conducting forum and recording of her composition with members of the VSO. Julie is the founder of Singspiration Creative Empowerment Training and currently writes for and directs a 60 voice gospel choir. She teaches film composing at Arts Institute in Vancouver, Canada.



Film Composer

Current Projects

Julie is currently composing the musical score for the following films:

"Sight Unseen" a made for TV feature film thriller produced by Legacy Filmworks about two detectives who are called out to investigate a murder in an upscale neighborhood. In order to catch the killer, they set up a clandestine stakeout in the house across the street.

"Web of Desire" produced by Legacy Filmworks , a made for TV feature film drama / thriller. A smart, attractive, ER physician, Beth, turns to an internet site for medical personnel and connects with someone. The next thing Beth knows, she's awaking in Finn's bed not knowing what happened.

Julie has just completed the musical score for " Pete " a feature length Bio-Documentary film about the life of Peter D. Friesen, directed by Bill Stewart of RYBW Productions.

Julie recently composed music for "Bo Dog Fight" a unique television reality show that captures the world of mixed martial arts on the Men's Outdoor and Recreation channel.

Julie is currently composing music for the following films:

"Traveling at the Speed of Life"
a feature film directed by Brent Crowell (1st AD, Dr. Doolittle 3) for Ocean Playground Productions, in association with CKO Films.

"Some of My Best Friends are Indians" a feature film directed by Bill Stewart of RYBW Productions.

Julie will soon be composing the score for a short drama called "Class Savage" ,
about bullying and the sometimes horrific results.


"On our pilot 'The Rev', music was integral to the production, so we called upon Julie to not only score the pilot but also create the songs for playback during production. Her versatility and energy elevated the show to a level that exceeded all expectations. In addition to all the planned music, Julie had to come up with one more original song at the last minute -- and she did it overnight! Easily the most talented composer-musician-artist I've ever worked with."

Kelly Sandefur

"Julie is a talented and inspired composer. Even with our deadline moved back a month she delivered an excellent high caliber score".

Martin Wood, Director of Stargate

"Julie's intuitive and emotional sensibilities have provided the perfect score for all of my film and television projects".

Shona Mike, Producer/director

"Julie is a brilliant and intuitive composer. She can capture a moment or manufacture one. Her music adds dimension to the story and underlines the images in vibrant color and feeling".

Dianne Carruthers, Producer Endless Entertainment

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