"I found a safe place in julie's workshop to create, explore, and face my inner critic. It was the best step I've taken toward reaching my career goals."

...Teresa Swaisland

Conference Workshops

Empower Your Voice / Activate Your Spirit

Participants will enjoy this two-hour, musical movement workshop. Julie uses songs, chants and exercises to teach. open and expand participant's experience of himself or herself through a technique called "authentic voice".

Circle of Song:
A Community Building Experience

The Circle of Song Experiential Activity is a two-hour program designed to experience the joyful connection of community through song and movement. Julie uses harmonizing, circle dances and sound healing interactive circles to build community. She then teaches the group a song and they become a contemporary gospel choir.

Last September, I was sitting on the fence, thinking about whether I should join the Singspiration Singers, when a friend said to me "It will change your life!" I joined. There is a space, between the musical notes, that provides an opportunity for your soul to evolve and expand exponentially.

...Cindy Frewin

I came to it with a lot of performance experience, making my living as a singer for a number of years. Fatigue from the long hours and frustration had killed my love of music. Then I found Julie! I joined Singspiration and slowly my heart opened up to song again. Julie's direction helps me a better singer and the community of choir members helps me be a better man.

...Tony Cella

Current Events

Musical Facilitator:

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All one-day workshops take place from 10 AM - 5 PM.

Choir members $160 per workshop or $375 for three / non-choir members $185 per workshop

Saturday, October 18, 2014
Saturday, January 17, 2015

This workshop invites you to discover your authentic voice and experience the joy of expressing yourself through sound and song. The journey includes journaling, singing familiar songs, exploring your vocal range and expression, and renewing your love of music. By day’s end you will feel more connected to your unique voice, to the other members in the group, and to your innate joy.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

For anyone who desires more ease and energy, this is a powerful day to shift your mindset from fear to confidence. You will sing some familiar songs, and explore the use of mantra to open and strengthen your voice. You will receive a special music track to practice with before the workshop. Take away the tools and experience to stand up taller and deliver a message or song with confidence.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Are you ready for your voice to be heard? This workshop is designed to teach you how to learn a song, personalize it, and perform it using the microphone. You will anchor in the elements of music such as time, pitch, and phrasing, which makes the difference in any kind of presentation, be it song, speech or conversation. There is lots of practice time here and learning opportunities, as you observe each member of the group step up and receive coaching. You will receive the tracks (in several keys) to a popular song to learn and practice before the workshop.

SING YOUR SONG (you will need your song in your key)
Saturday, March 7, 2015

Is it on your bucket list to perform? Then this full day session is perfect for you! The first day focuses on the vocal techniques which will allow you to own the song you bring to the session. Learn to be fully in your body, to be comfortable using the microphone, and to work with dynamics, emotional tone, and phrasing.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Now you’ve learned your song, do you want to perform it with style? This session delves deeper into the delivery of your song. You’ve already been practicing and have now memorized your song, so you are set to perform, to cultivate stage presence and connect with your audience. This is excellent training to prepare you for the Spring Coffeehouse.


Have a private session with Julie to select a perfect song for you or come in with the music to a song you love. As well as vocal coaching on how to master your selected song, you’ll take away a CD with a recorded track of your song to practice with.

Our seminars provide the opportunity for you to experience your own personal authentic gifts of sound and inspiration; to be reminded that your birthright is to express who you really are with your voice, energy and presence. By participating in the choir or the seminars or both, you will receive creative empowerment training to move to the next level of your singing, speaking and communicating.

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